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How to Keep Your Proposal a Secret

Keeping your marriage proposal secret until the big day is not easy.

While friends and family can help you when you’re trying to decide how to do it, the hardest part will be up to you. Keeping it hush hush of course!

Taking the time to plan your proposal, talking to your friends and family, and getting some advice can help you not only plan it, but keep your stress levels low.

Obviously, the biggest obstacle will be keeping the proposal a secret, but you can if you use a few tricks and tips included in this guide to help you on your proposal journey.

Tell the Right Person

First off, if your best friend is friends with your girlfriend, it may not be a secret for long. Just as with her best friend, the beans will spill faster than a leaky dam.

It’s better to find someone you trust, though parents aren’t the best. If anything, read your plan aloud to yourself a few times and adjust.

Use the Cover of Your Routine

Planning a proposal, especially a secret proposal, is going to have a lot of cloak and dagger techniques. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to lie and sneak around.

When you’re planning your proposal, you want to stick as close to your routine as possible. This means ring shopping on your lunch break, scouting social media online for her likes and dislikes, and not raising any suspicions.

You could try hiding in plain sight by looking at different events you want to propose to her, and she may not get the hint. Though it’s risky, you don’t want to make it obvious, otherwise, you’ll spoil the surprise.

Use a Burner Card

A burner card, like a burner phone, is a card that only you know about, and don’t intend to use very often. A credit card that you’ve had stored away in your closet for the last year and a half could be an excellent option.

Do not go to the ATM and remove cash, especially if you have a joint account. Nothing would raise suspicion like an ATM withdrawal for a large withdrawal at noon than that.

If you don’t have another card, you can talk to a bank about getting a small loan. This can be tricky as well, so it’s best to consider how you’re going to pay for everything.

Hide the Ring

Okay, so you’ve gotten the ring in her favorite color, got the perfect band, and beautiful ring box you can store the ring in.

Now, here is where a lot of people mess up. They hide the ring in a place she could easily stumble across it.

While there are a lot of good hiding spots, you should consider where she might accidentally find it. The deepest part of the closet can be a good place, but she may stumble upon it.

In the car may be sensible, especially if you own it, but she may accidentally find it in a compartment.

Keeping the ring at your office could be the best place, since she won’t have access to your desk or even with a family member, such as at your parents house.

Get the Details Right

While you don’t need to plan down to the exact second at the exact moment “La Cucaracha” hits the second verse, you should consider the small details.

Things like the time, place, location, and how many people may be around will help you decide when to pop the question.

If she is shy, you don’t want to make a dramatically huge scene. Instead, opt for something more personal, like her favorite walking trail. Though you may think that she wants to be the center of attention, the truth is every girl is different. Know the details to make sure she feels passionate about saying yes.

Calm Down

It’s not every day you’re going to propose, and the excitement and anxiety can build up, especially if you’ve been planning this for months. You should get out of the house, hit the gym, or find some other stress relief.

You don’t want to make it look like you’re obviously nervous, so doing more for yourself will help. Mediation is a good cover, as well as going for a jog around the neighborhood. You want to relieve stress, but you don’t want to appear to be too suspicious, or she’ll know something’s up.

Stay calm, don’t think about it too much, and prepare for the big day.

Follow These Steps for the Perfect Proposal

Your secret proposal will be successful, as long you take the right steps.

You don’t want to make it obvious, you don’t want to give her the runaround, and you should tell someone who can keep a secret.

Pulling off a surprise proposal can be easy, especially if you plan ahead and don’t panic at the last moment.

If you have any tips or tricks to how you did your proposal let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Good luck on the big day!


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