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Growing up I have always been fascinated with products and design. At a young age I was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Steve Jobs and the design talent of Jony Ive. Fast forward, 15 years and recently married, I was determined to design, manufacture, and sell my own product. 

With Apple as one of my biggest inspirations, I was continually impressed at how much care and attention they put towards packaging their products. What else should demand such perfect packaging? The answer was simple… an engagement ring. That is when I became determined to reinvent the engagement ring box. A product built to bring people together forever. 


It is surprising to think about how we present something as beautiful as an engagement ring.  You have to ask yourself how large, bulky, poorly made, cheap, one time use boxes became the standard for an occasion so precious and life altering. 


Monarch Boxes are designed not just with you in mind, but with your special occasion in mind. It is easy to hide, made to last, and designed specifically to showcase an engagement ring. The ring that will be placed on the love of your life. Produced in anodized aluminum, Monarch Box was made with breathtaking quality to assist an unforgettable proposal.

Lyndon Hodgins


Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 7.20.10 PM.png



We designed and engineered the Monarch Box for everyone looking to create an unforgettable proposal.


The Monarch box is cut using precision CNC equipment. Each box is milled with precision tolerances. Finally, something worthy of presenting your engagement ring. 



All of our boxes are lined with Bridal Satin. This incredible fabric protects and compliments any engagment ring in a way velvet never could. 


All of our boxes are bead blasted to create an elegant timeless finish.


Finally the Monarch Box is Anodized in Satin Black making it durable, corrosion resistant, and simply beautiful.



"I did notice this when you were proposing. You never just see just the ring!"

- Sarah

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